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Why choose We Go Way Back LLC?

Board-Certified Genealogist

Certified Genealogist® Meryl Schumacker has spent her career honing her skills in the field of New York City genealogy. She is also an expert in Jewish genealogy and genetic genealogy (DNA).

One-On-One Service

With a large company, you may never know who is working on your behalf. With We Go Way Back LLC, you are in direct contact with a professional genealogist—no intermediaries here.

Manhattan Location

Most New York genealogy records are not online. We Go Way Back LLC is centrally located in Manhattan, close to the New York City Municipal Archives, the New York Public Library, and more.

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Professional Genealogy Services


Genealogy Research

Hourly research on the ancestor, family, or genealogical problem of your choosing.

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Record Retrievals

Fast turnaround of documents from a range of New York City repositories.

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Family History Books

A book of your ancestors’ life stories, available hardbound or as a PDF.

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I highly recommend Meryl for discovering whatever genealogy records you may need in New York City or even, in my case, New Jersey.

I had almost given up finding certain family records for a foreign citizenship application.

As with most families, despite best intentions, dates, names and places are often not recalled correctly leading to formidable obstacles when researching our past. That was certainly the case with me. Piecing together what I did know with an eye on what I really needed for my application, Meryl keenly steered a patient yet determined path through the government archives of New York City and New Jersey to retrieve all the required records. In one instance, she uncovered a distant marriage certificate that had eluded other relatives for years. Beyond its use by me, it was satisfying for my relatives to finally have it in hand.

Thanks again Meryl for the good work.

- Tom S. in DC


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