Genealogy in New York City.

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  • Have you ever watched a genealogy program on television and said to yourself, “I wish someone could do that for me”?

  • Do you have questions about where your family came from, or about a particular ancestor?

  • Did you receive unexpected DNA test results? Are you looking for answers?

  • Would you like to pass a legacy on to your children, grandchildren, nieces, or nephews?

  • Did your ancestors live in New York City, or do you have Jewish or African-American ancestry?

Your family history is about more than names and dates. Understanding your ancestry can provide a stronger sense of identity, resilience, and community. If you’ve found yourself asking any of the above questions, We Go Way Back LLC can help you.


Why choose We Go Way Back LLC?

Board-Certified Genealogist

Certified Genealogist® Meryl Schumacker has spent her career honing her skills as a New York genealogist. She is also an expert in genetic genealogy (DNA analysis), African-American genealogy, and Jewish genealogy.

One-On-One Service

With a large company, you may never know who is working on your behalf. We Go Way Back LLC is a small business committed to providing top-notch service to every client, on every project.

Manhattan Location

It’s a fact: most New York records are not online. We Go Way Back LLC’s central location in New York City’s borough of Manhattan offers easy access to the New York City Municipal Archives, the New-York Historical Society, and more.

Happy Hunting.


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