#23andNYC Pop-Up

Have you seen these 23andMe commercials advertising the health section of the company’s DNA tests?

This weekend in Manhattan, 23andMe launched a pop-up called #23andNYC. They took over a storefront(?), and inside they had tons of information on some of the genes included in 23andMe’s tests. I decided to check it out, along with one of my 50% DNA matches.

Follow the pink and green chromosomes!

Follow the pink and green chromosomes!

The pop-up offered tons of educational information on which genes correspond to different traits, like sleep movements. Appropriately, the corner on caffeine consumption had free coffee and tea, and in the celiac disease section, there were gluten-free desserts!

If you answered 8 out of 10 questions on a quiz, you had a chance to win 23andMe swag and test kits. There were also discounts on DNA test kits. I took my picture in the “Meet Your Genes” booth:

Hope 23andMe pops up in my city again soon!

Note: this post is not sponsored, I’m just really enthusiastic :)